What is Nano Health Card ?

The Far Infrared Ray(FIR) health cards are produced by FIR ceramic coating method using the unique bio-ceramic powders. The bio-coated card have served kinds of medical functions such as the improvement of micro-blood circulation.

Effectiveness of Nano Health Card

- Improve the micro-blood circulation.
- Relieve the stress and fatigue.
- Improve vitality.
- Effective in killing bacteria.
- Activate water molecules in our body.

The Physical Characteristic of FIR

- Invisibility
- Linearity, refractivity and reflectivity
- Upon being absorbed by various objects, the ability to produce warmth and harmonize with the natural life-force released by human body to enhance resonance absorption.
- The ability to penetrate deep into the human body.

Test Result

1) Emissivity and Emissivity Energy(FIR)

The experimental results were measured in comparison with black body by using the FT-IR Spectrometer.

(5 ~ 20μm)
(W/m2μm, 37°C)
3.49 x 102

Measured by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association as the official test organization.

2) Thermal Image Photography

Measured by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association as the official test organization

Nano Health Card

General Card

3) Clinical Effect

(Jae Won Lee, M.D. Chief, Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Eulji Univ. hospital)

(1) Introduction

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the clincal effects of FIR Health Card to the peripheral arterial flow of human body.

(2) Result

Increase Rate(%)
FIR Health Card

Note) PK : Peak Velocity(cm/sec), MN : Mean Velovity(cm/sec), HR : Heart Rate

(3) Conclusion

- The effect of bio healthy card to the flow of radial artery -

Peak flow veolcity of blood means the point of maximum flow of blood per unit time, i.e. cm/sec. So we consider the increase ofpeak flow velocity as the increase of blood amount to the tissue clinically. and mean velocity of blood is the average result of several beats of blood flow per unit time. The clinical implication of mean velocity of blood is more important than that of peak velocity.

When we applied the health card to the specimen, we found the increase of mean velocity of blood, which was measured by doppler.

The change of heart rate was not siginificant.

4) Deodorization Effect
Method : KFIA-FI-1004
Test Gas : Ammonia
Instrument : Gasteck
Measured by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association as the
official test organization.

5) Bio information Resonance Sytem analysis(BRS)
Measured by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association as the official test organization
This table shows the relationship between the human body and the Nano healthy card.
The numbers in table means the difference when the card over the chest wall of the heart, As the difference between the ordinary and the bio increases, the good effects to the human body increase.

When the card over the chest wall of the heart,
- the immunization(homeostasis) increased 12.5%,
- the blood circulation increased 16.7%,
- the good effects concerning stress and fatigue increased 300 and 133% respectively.


1. How do you attach the card to the body?

I have tried it but it is uncomfortable. Can a softer material be used? We don? attach the card to the body. We just put in the pocket or bra for woman. It is convenient for us to make this type of nano card. Because we can easily and cheaply get the base materials from credit card factory. So we can make Nano card with low price. As you said, we can make it using softer material. But it will be more expensive.

2. In your technical data, it stated that it is also for deodorization effect. Does this mean it can eliminate body odour or be placed in any places that have a foul smell.

Yes, it means it can eliminate minor odour such as food smell in the refrigerator and foul smell in the car and body odour.

3. Is it safe for children and what is its lifespan?

It is absolutely safe for children and its lifespan is 3years

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